Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cheers to 2 Years!

It's our 2 year anniversary! We made it. Thought I'd give a brief story of us! 

Cody and I met online - yes we are a online dating success story and I'm proud of it! I was the first girl he ever met in person and he was the first guy I ever met in person. Somehow it just worked and we cancelled our online accounts right away. 

This is one of the first pictures we ever took together. It was for my birthday party in June 2010.

Let's fast forward 3 years....

Cody proposed in July of 2013 when we were on an Alaskan cruise with his family. He and I went on a helicopter glacier tour, and that's where it happened! The first helicopter tour he booked was cancelled because of bad weather, so he was really nervous we wouldn't be able to book another one at the last minute. Thankfully, we did! It worked out well and he was able to have someone working for the company take our pictures. 

Fast forward to July 19, 2014.....the wedding day! Our wedding photographers are from Koman Photography . It's a husband and wife photography team - their work is stunning! 

I never felt so much like  "princess"! 

We got married at  golf course in the same city I grew up in - I loved having it so close to home. 

Our first dance was to "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore. Can't wait to see him in August! 

Here are my bridesmaids! I'm a purple/pink girl and I am still in love with the color scheme I chose. And my bouquet was just a dream - can I go back to that day please? 

Fast forward 2 years later....

Here we are - this was shot this past Saturday on our way to check out the construction of our new house! Since getting married, Cody's got himself a beard and I'm a bit more blonde...life is good... but most importantly, God is SO good.  We've had our ups and downs for sure..and we always will ...but I'm just thankful to have Cody on this journey together. 

I love you Cody! 

xoxo Diana

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