Monday, July 18, 2016

The ThatTeacherWifeLife Story - How It All Began and Why It's An Important Reminder for Us All

When I started ThatTeacherWifeLife, I knew I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts about life in the classroom, as well as life at home. It's SO hard to balance our lives as teachers - there's always something can be done. Does it always NEED to be done? No...but for a lot of us devoted teachers, it always feels like that. My first year of teaching was full of lots of tears for various reasons - being tired, feeling incapable, feeling bad about not devoting enough time with my new husband, feeling bad about not devoting enough time to work. I've learned a lot since then and I'm STILL learning, as I go into my 3rd year of teaching.  I'm still a baby in the teaching world. The real test will be when we start having children. Having an amazing support of teachers who are amazing mothers and wives really helps me see that it CAN be done and I am feeling much more confident and excited to be able to do it all.  Yes - I am determined to be that supermom.  HA! We'll see.

Back to the point of the whole story, I chose the name "ThatTeacherWifeLife" because I think we all try to do our best in all the areas of our life. I absolutely LOVE my job and my students.  I can easily go on and on about it. BUT....that's NOT my entire life and it shouldn't be. Am I right? Right now, the other part of my life is being a WIFE. And a daughter and sister.  I watched a really amazing video by Jada Pinkett Smith and she talked about the importance of making yourself happy by doing what you love - whatever that may be. If you take time to do what you love and what makes you happy outside of the home (or inside the home), for me it's teaching and being in the lives of my kiddos and their families, your happiness will benefit the happiness of those you love - like your husband and your kids. I'm not putting down stay-at-home moms in any way because I, for a long time, wanted to be one because I grew up with my mom being home. You stay-at-home moms are truly lucky and you work SO very hard. However, in CA, it's not as easy to stay-at-home and I have to work, if my husband and I want to be able to maintain the same stand of living when we were growing up. It was a struggle (and tears were shed) as my husband and I debated the pros and cons of me staying home vs. working. I'm just happy that I've found the motivation and courage that I know it's possible to lead a happy and fulfilled life as a wife, mom, and teacher :)  It's just going to be crazy ride when I start juggling all three! Right now, I'm just balancing two.

If you have time, here's the video I was talking about - it's really wonderful. It will make you feel good after watching it. Promise.

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