Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Feeling Nauti" Just Doesn't Work For Me!

Let me just start with these gems I found in Nordstrom Rack and Charming Charlie....

My school's PBIS acronym is SAIL, so of course I embrace anything nautical these days. When I came across those things pictured above, I couldn't stop from laughing and possibly causing a scene.  Can you imagine me using my "nauti" notebook in an IEP or holding a "Feeling Nauti" mug during school?  It may be appropriate for some...and while it gives me a good laugh just thinking about just doesn't work for us teachers!! 

I have found some REALLY cute things though I wouldn't mind sporting at work or at home.  Here are just a couple! 

All of these I found at Charming Charlie! I don't know how long this store has been around, but I'm sure glad I discovered it once I moved out to Riverside :) And it happens to be not to far from where were moving too!  Amazing...yet dangerous. 
Gotta love a delicate charm necklace...

 And I could see this as a perfect back-to-school night dress....

With this necklace....

And these shoes :) 

I love going into pretty much every store and finding cute nautical things....I want to buy it all! 



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