Thursday, July 14, 2016

Classroom Make-Over!

Going into my third year of teaching, I feel this is first summer I've really spent time doing things to make my classroom my own. I was so lucky when I first started teaching to have a classroom fairly set up for students. It removed so much extra work I would have had to do :)  Recently, I just felt it was time to change things up to make it my own. Also, my hubby and I recently bought a house in the area - so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be at this school for a while! I officially can start planting my roots here and it feels absolutely wonderful.

I thought I'd share some recent changes I've made to my room - and it was all fairly inexpensive! I've definitely spent the most on my classroom this summer than I have any other summer. I'm going to make this pretty short and sweet - pictures pretty much say it all! And like so many other teachers, I have to give Target credit for many of my sweet decorations on my play/reinforcement center wall, as well as my desk area.

My Desk Space's so scary how messy and unorganized it all is! 

After! I made the curtain under the desk to hide the boxes I have. It was complete no-sew! Used only fabric, hot blue, ribbon, and velcro! 

My Reinforcement/Play Center

Before - pretty bare...I almost thought about leaving it that way because I've put student work on that wall before and some of my kiddos would just rip it off. 

After!  I hope the posters won't look attractive enough to pull off the wall, and by placing the banners up towards the top, I don't think the kiddos will attempt to pull it.  I can only hope for the best!

Window Curtains 

no "before" picture because there was simply nothing there before :) 

After! Another new-sew project! Take a look at one of my previous posts to learn how to make it!

Classroom Cupboards

Before...For the last 2 years, I've never put anything on these doors except a paper or two for adult reference.

After! For each door, I decided to add some red paper and border it with Target borders from the $1 section. The two smaller rectangles on the left have motivational quotes and I'm planning to put pictures of my students throughout the year on the other two doors.

Entry Wall 

My wonderful assistants painted this wall (on butcher paper) for me last year and I hope to keep it FOREVER! For now, I just added the "Our Class:" and "Welcome!" sign because this board is right near the door. I'm not totally sure what I'm planning to do with it yet. Also, that crayon wreath was given to me from a parent last year. Isn't it cute?! 

Well, that's all I've done in my room and I think that's pretty much it for this summer....I think :) I've REALLY got to start working on actual instructional things.  But decorating is always too much fun!


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