Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Go-To Teacher Shoes

If you're a special education teacher like me, you might understand that wearing cute shoes isn't really functional in our classrooms. We may have to dart out the door when a kiddo elopes! I'm on my feet all day, and I barely EVER sit at my desk.  Even when I'm taking attendance at my desk, I'm usually learning over my chair because I have do it as quickly as possible. I'm often the bad teacher who FORGETS to take attendance. :(  Once the kids come, they're my sole focus. I remember being an instructional aide and seeing a special education teacher who always wore heels, and she'd kick off her heels if she had to run. THAT was #goals. She made it look possible to be super darn cute and do it all.

Here are some shoes I'd love to wear at work! All of these shoes can be found at The Red Dress Boutique.  That website has the CUTEST clothes and shoes, I swear.  I love boots and during Fall and Winter, they have the cutest - at a pretty good price too!  I've never bought anything from there, but I always want to!

Clearly I have a affinity for neutral colors, peep toes, and heels in general. Unfortunately, I have no current use for them - so I don't own any! Ha! Maybe I can justify parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school night, and Open House as a reason to buy one of these...

What shoes have I found that I DO approve of? Well, they're flats that remind me of Michael Kors flats (which I just WILL NOT pay for),  booties that I can wear with dresses or tunic/leggings, and sandals that remind me of Tory Burch sandals (which again...I WILL NOT pay for). 

You should look into these, if you're in need of cute, but functional "teacher" shoes! 

The shoes below can be found at JC Penney - one of my favorite stores! 

I have these in black, red, and tan. They are SO comfy and I always get them when I can use a $10 of $25 coupon. So usually're, they're $20! I love how the shows have rubber underneath because I tend to wear out the heels of of my flats, and these have withstood my "roughness"! Find them here!

I have these sandals in black and tan. I have always bought SUPER flat sandals, and I'll never go back to those ever again. These sandals give a lot of support and you don't feel like you're walking on the ground with bare feet. Find them here! I bought mine for $ they're a super amazing deal right now! I'm debating on getting the yellow ones...

The final two shoes can be found at another one of my go-to stores - Kohl's! They are more for fall...but you could wear them anytime, with a dress! 

These aren't on sale now....I would never pay 74.99 for these. I bought them last year for around $30 I'm sure.  I have the black and tan! You can find them here....but I'd definitely wait for a sale later on in the year. 

Finally - these shoes are FLAT which is nice. You can wear these with anything really. The sale right now is good....but I want to say I got mine on a better sale for 29.99.  Find them here. You have to check out the online pre-Black Friday deals for awesome shoe deals at Kohl's.  I learned that 2 years ago. They have the BEST deals on boots during that sale. :) 

Well, that's all for today! What are YOUR favorite shoes to wear during the school year?  Share with me!



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